Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer in Chicago Can Make Your Divorce Easier, Less Stressful and More Beneficial to the Children

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Child custody issues are often complex and emotionally charged. They involve how parents will co-parent in the future and can impact where children will live, what environment they will be raised in, extracurricular activities, religious instruction, health care and many other important decisions relating to their lives. They also determine how children will spend time with each parent over holidays, summer breaks, birthdays and school vacations. As a result, it is crucial that you have the assistance of an experienced Chicago custody attorney to guide you through these issues.

The firm provides legal representation to clients throughout the entire area of family law, including child custody and visitation matters, divorce and legal separation, spousal support, and division of marital property. It is dedicated to protecting the rights and best interests of its clients and their children and has an outstanding track record of success in difficult child custody cases.

Illinois law is changing from the traditional concept of sole custody for one parent and visitation rights for the other. It now favors some form of joint custody and shared parenting responsibilities, although sole custody may be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

In a joint custody situation, both parties are expected to participate in the development and education of their children. The court will review each parent’s ability to provide a safe, stable, and loving home and will consider the relationship between the child or children and each parent, the history of conflict in the household, whether either party has a criminal record, and the presence of any domestic violence, drug abuse or other factors that could impact the child’s well-being.

When a parent is unable to cooperate in a child custody matter, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child’s interests. The role of the guardian ad litem is to assist the judge in making the most beneficial decision for the child, taking into account both parents’ desires and the child’s needs.

The law firm represents married and unmarried fathers, as well as mothers, in child custody disputes and related issues. It specializes in determining paternity, and it has extensive experience with complicated custody cases that include allegations of domestic violence or other factors that impact the safety and best interests of the child.

The firm prepares prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements and drafts parenting plans. It also defends parents against allegations by the Department of Children and Family Services. It has been Lead Counsel verified and is in good standing with all local bar associations. It has also won numerous awards for client satisfaction. It is available by appointment and is dedicated to providing high-quality service and attention. It is located in downtown Chicago. The office also handles adoptions, guardianship and other civil litigation. The attorneys are bilingual and offer free consultations. Its website contains a wealth of information about the firm’s services and has an online payment system.

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